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Sábado 13 abril 2019: Powcademy Santiago: Powcast Nº 3: Mika Martini + Felipe Visor, Spec Matanza + Keka Taucan y más

Powcademy Santiago: Powcast Nº 3

Our first serie is about the city and their most promising sound artists. Every artist gets challenged to create an unique piece for each show. Tune in the 13th of April and witness the creation of new music, live and on the spot!

AMBASSADOR: Andres Grumann Sölter | «We are happy to announce the third Powcademy Santiago livestream, POW!»
DATE: SATURDAY 13.04. / 15:00 (local time)

15:00 hr.: Mika Martini + Felipe Visor (analogic visuals).

15:30 hr.: Claudio Iglesias.

16:00 hr.: País Violento.

16:30 hr.: Spec Matanza + Keka Taucan.

– Visuals: Valentina Vj Nazer.


Powcast | Global live stream concerts: the best from the sound art world in one spot!

Día: Sábado 13 de abril.
Hora transmisión: de 15:00 hrs. a 19:00 hrs.

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