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May 12 2016, Sheffield (UK): «2 Chilean Electronic Blokes»


FRANK BENKHO (aka Mika Martini):
LIVE / CHILE / Space Electronica Audiovisual Concert

MANKACEN (aka Alejandro Albornoz):
LIVE / CHILE / Experimental Post-Techno

Special Guest:
LIVE / UK / Live Coding SuperCollider

Venue: Moor Theatre Delicatessen The Moor,
Sheffield S1 4PF May 12th,
19:00 h.

Organized by Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel with the support of University of Sheffield Sound Studios and Clang label.

Free entry: Voluntary contributions towards running costs would be greatly appreciated.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/932394660191127/



FRANK BENKHO (aka Mika Martini)
[LIVE / CHILE / Space electronica Audiovisual Concert]

Frank Benkho is the solo project of electronic musician, designer and founder of the netlabel Pueblo Nuevo Mika Martini. He primarily uses voice and samples from unusual sound sources and process them in real-time with effects pedals, wave generators and loop machines. In these musical states melodic fragments prevail, but as a repetitive and subtly developing mantra that never become a full statement or recognizable melody. Impressions of melodies appear, but only as broken parts that never assemble into the entire phrase, from where they were taken. This breakage is heightened by repetition and segmentation, and the continued development in notes, sounds and sonic effects.

After studying architecture and finishing with a design degree from Universidad Católica de Chile, Mika/Frank began making minimal music that combined field recordings from Chile’s various ethnic groups with abstract sonic material in micro-sampling. Later, as an ardent member of the Chilean Electroacoustic Community (CECh), he was influenced by ideas from electro-acoustic music and he began focusing his work on more experimental paths.

Now in UK, Frank present his two records edited by clang label: «The Revelation according to Frank Benkho» and «A Trip to the Space [Between]».

The Frank Benkho’s audiovisual concert has been presented at Festival Re-new (2011, Copenhague, Denmark), Galería NIU (2011, Barcelona, Spain), Centro Cultural La Cúpula (2011, Córdoba, Argentina), 10 Bienal de Video y Artes Mediales (2012, Santiago, Chile), Festival Cruces Sonoros (2012, Santiago, Chile), Encuentro Fricciones (2013, Santiago, Chile), Festival Microfestlabel (2014, Valparaíso, Chile), Concierto Exploradores del Sonido III (2015, Michigan University, Ann Arbor, USA), among others. He has published music in  Clang label, Pueblo Nuevo, Pro-Noise, Fuga Records, MichitaRex & Sincro Netlabel.

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MANKACEN: (aka Alejandro Albornoz)
[LIVE / CHILE / Experimental Post-Techno]

Mankacen is Alejandro Albornoz soloist post-techno project. This project arises as a way to concret sound and musical concerns that had been accumulating since its membership of the band Arteknnia, one of the first techno groups in Chile.

Besides this project, Alejandro Albornoz compose electroacoustic music for loudspeakers, both in stereo and multichannels formats and is a PhD student in this area at the University of Sheffield.

Influenced by some ethnics aspects and the electronica farthest to song format, Mankacen’s sound has some minimalim in melodic and harmony resources and at the same time some complexity in timbre and rhythm. His most recent pieces involve human voice as source material.

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[LIVE / UK / Live Coding SuperCollider]

I’m an electroacoustic composer, performer and programmer – using computers to write music for performances over orchestras of loudspeakers. My work has been played around the UK including Belfast, Sheffield, Leeds, and London.

Having completed a BSc in Music Technology and Sonic Arts at SARC (Q.U.B.), I went on to obtain an MA in Sonic Arts from The University of Sheffield, where I’m currently a PhD researcher, looking at electroacoustic composition and software.

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