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Thursday, june 29 2017 in Sheffield: «Chilean Electronic Music Live Session»: Silvio Paredes, Mika Martini, José Rojas, con(d)e Zero

Chilean Electronic Music Live Session

Featuring Mika Martini, Silvio Paredes, co(N)de zero & José Rojas.

Thursday, june 29 2017
19:30 h. / 23:00 hr.
DINA Venue
32 Cambridge Street, S1 4HP Sheffield
Entry by donation.

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Silvio Paredes studied fine arts in the 80es and was an integral part of the concept art movement in his native Chile. His musical trajectory has to a large degree been shaped by his desire to transfer aspects of this art-form into his musical work, his bands and his releases.

Self-taught, Silvio is a reference point on electric bass and the Chapman Stick not only in his home country, but in all of Latin America. In particular the Stick has been his main instrument since he started playing and he combines it with an array of electronic devices.

Boasting an extensive trajectory, Silvio has been a seminal part of several of the Chilean music scene’s mainstays. His trio Los Mismos was the first electronic group to mix electronics with electrical instruments in a playing style similar to that of a rock band, and Silvio co-founded the still active cult band Electrodomesticos that blends industrial rock with electronica. His fusion of elements from jazz, rock and hip-hop with electronica has been released on four albums, featuring guest performances by outstanding musicians such as DJ Raff, Solo di Medina and DJ Bitman as well as the highly successful indie-pop artist Javiera Mena.

Silvio first released as solo artist was Kau (2010), and now 5 years later followed by the present Poptronics (2015) whose energetic music will accompany Silvio on his re-location to the UK, his next musical endeavour.

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MIKA MARTINI (aka Frank Benkho) [LIVE / Audiovisual Concert]:

Frank Benkho is the solo project of electronic musician, designer and founder of the netlabel Pueblo Nuevo Mika Martini. He primarily uses voice and samples from unusual sound sources and process them in real-time with effects pedals, wave generators and loop machines. In these musical states melodic fragments prevail, but as a repetitive and subtly developing mantra that never become a full statement or recognizable melody. Impressions of melodies appear, but only as broken parts that never assemble into the entire phrase, from where they were taken. This breakage is heightened by repetition and segmentation, and the continued development in notes, sounds and sonic effects.

After studying architecture and finishing with a design degree from Universidad Católica de Chile, Mika/Frank began making minimal music that combined field recordings from Chile’s various ethnic groups with abstract sonic material in micro-sampling. Later, as an ardent member of the Chilean Electroacoustic Community (CECh), he was influenced by ideas from electro-acoustic music and he began focusing his work on more experimental paths.

Now in UK, Frank present his two records edited by clang label: «The Revelation according to Frank Benkho» and «A Trip to the Space [Between]».

The Frank Benkho’s audiovisual concert has been presented at Festival Re-new (2011, Copenhague, Denmark), Galería NIU (2011, Barcelona, Spain), Centro Cultural La Cúpula (2011, Córdoba, Argentina), 10 Bienal de Video y Artes Mediales (2012, Santiago, Chile), Festival Cruces Sonoros (2012, Santiago, Chile), Encuentro Fricciones (2013, Santiago, Chile), Festival Microfestlabel (2014, Valparaíso, Chile), Concierto Exploradores del Sonido III (2015, Michigan University, Ann Arbor, USA), among others. He has published music in  Clang label, Pueblo Nuevo, Pro-Noise, Fuga Records, MichitaRex & Sincro Netlabel.

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CO(N)DE ZERO (aka Alejandro Albornoz) [LIVE / Experimental Live codding]:

Co(n)de Zero is is the Live coding project of Alejandro Albornoz, Chilean composer based in Sheffield. Alejandro compose different types of electronic music, covering electroacoustic (acousmatic and live electronics), techno, idm or post-techno and sort of noise experimental. Within ‘co(n)de Zero’ the styles starts in techno and minimal to look for deconstruct and overlap rhythms and textures with the aim to create a kind of minimal-baroque…

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JOSE ROJAS [LIVE / Experimental Electronic]:

Musician and Researcher with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and Musicology. Electronic and Electroacoustic musician.

Fifteen years of experience composing for contemporary dance companies and independent choreographers. Appeared at the Chilean XII International Electroacoustic ‘Ai-Maako’ Music Festival. Live musical performances include ‘Fricciones Sound Practices Meeting’ and various dance festivals in Chile, Argentina and Brazil, along with live sessions in the U.K.

Currently co-ordinating the project ‘KURICHE’ (Kureche.cl).

Member of the Chilean Electroacoustic Music community (CECH), Chilean Association of Popular Music Studies (ASEMPCh) and Community Sound Sense U.K.

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